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One Hollywood stunt rarely attempted in shot-on-video movies is the car chase, yet “Zombie Cop” spends a big chunk of its short running time attempting just such a feat, with mixed results. Voodoo rituals, fight scenes, questionable police procedure, and ample gunplay with actors using real weapons firing blanks also contribute to making this one of the most gonzo horror/action hybrids ever made.

After a cop named Gill and Haitian voodoo master Doctor Death kill each other during a routine drug bust, the duo rise from the grave to continue their game of cat-and-mouse as members of the undead. Gill enlists the help of human partner Stevens in tracking down Death and putting a stop to his nefarious plans for world domination!

Painstakingly restored from original Super-VHS-C camera masters with a dynamic new 5.1 surround remix, “Zombie Cop” is more arresting than ever on Blu-ray together with never-before-seen bonus materials from the Tempe vaults, three audio commentaries, and original 1991 home video presentation captured from the archival edit master.

2020 Restored Feature in 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio (1.33:1)
DTS HD-MA & Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Remixes
2020 Audio Commentary with stars Michael Kemper, James Black & James L. Edwards, co-producer Scott P. Plummer, and script supervisor Christine Morrison moderated by Ross Snyder of Saturn’s Core Audio & Video
2007 Audio Commentary with producers J.R. Bookwalter & Scott P. Plummer and stars Ken Jarosz, Bill Morrison & Jo Norcia
“This Isn’t Standard Police Procedure” featuring interviews with actors Michael Kemper & James L. Edwards and crew member Christine Morrison (10 mins., HD)
“Your Rights Are Hereby Waived” featuring archival interviews with writer/actor Matthew Jason Walsh, producers J.R. Bookwalter & Scott P. Plummer, and actors Bill Morrison, James L. Edwards & Bogdan Pecic (6 mins.)
2020 Location Tour with actor Michael Kemper (5 mins., HD)
Bloopers & Outtakes (24 mins.)
Stan Piatt Uncut (9 mins.)
1991 Radio Interviews with Stan Piatt and Thomas Brown featuring producers J.R. Bookwalter and Scott P. Plummer
1991 Original VHS Release Version
2020 Original VHS Version Audio Commentary with Doug Tilley and Moe Porne of The No-Budget Nightmares Podcast
Into The Black: “Zombie Cop” (8 mins.)
2007 Trailer (1 min.)
Vintage Promo Trailer (5 mins.)
Optional English Subtitles
Tempe Digital Trailers

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