Wendys Naughty Night Grindhouse Triple Feature Dvd


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Don't miss these three salacious examples of San Francisco grindhouse cinema, featuring Wendy's Naughty Night and Siv, a Swedish Girl by the groove-tastic Nick Philips!

Wendy's Naughty Night (1973)
Despite her weekly visits to her therapist, sexy long-haired hippy chick Wendy's still coping with her sexual and emotional issues. In this session, she relates her first lesbian encounter at age 18. Upon returning home, she witnesses her sister get it on with some guy, and finally allows her boyfriend the ultimate access to her body. It's the final, face-contorting act of pleasure before Wendy pulls out a .357 magnum for a little game of Russian roulette!

Siv, a Swedish Girl (1971)
18-year old Siv, a naïve and beautiful Swedish girl, is invited to live with a hippie couple attending the local university. Before long, Siv is introduced to all manners of drugs and bi-sexual encounters that leave her fulfilled yet corrupted...but wanting more!

Easy Alice (1976)
After getting an emergency call from the set of a troubled porn production, Joey informs his gal pal Carol that he needs the money and has decided to take the job. Although she's not too thrilled with the decision, Carol drops him off at the set, where he expertly dispenses with the task at hand: balling a babe in a hot tub!

The three pics in this collection are perfect examples of Nick Philips' very special grindhouse formula, and the unpredictability that makes these movies supremely watchable. The featured movie, Wendy s Naughty Night (1973), is a step forward in Philips' style and is the more sex-filled of the two Philip featured herein, but Siv, A Swedish Girl (1971) winds up being his ultimate statement on the free love /hippie phenomenon.

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