The Wasp Woman Blu-Ray Blu-Ray


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Roger Corman, king of the cult classics produced and directed this cult classic, and even makes an uncredited appearance as a doctor in the film. Susan Cabot (Sorority Girl) plays Janice Starlin, whose cosmetic company has started to lose sales because its marketing relies on her own once-impressive but now aging beauty. The eccentric Dr. Eric Zinthrop (Michael Mark) develops an enzyme extract from royal wasp jelly, which rejuvenates Janice, with one tiny little side effect: It turns her into a monster! Written by frequent Corman collaborator Leo Gordon (The Terror, Tower of London), this chiller co-stars Anthony Eisley (The Naked Kiss) and Barboura Morris (A Bucket Of Blood).

Includes Both The Theatrical And Television Cut Of The Film In High Definition
NEW 2K Scan Of An Archival Fine Grain Print Of The Theatrical Version And The Additional Television Footage
NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historian/Author Troy Howarth
NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historians/Authors Tom Weaver And Dr. Robert J. Kiss
Theatrical Trailer

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