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A dramatic and intriguing love story about a Sicilian gentleman who rediscovers his Mediterranean roots when a beautiful young teenager declares her love for him. Antonio Mancuso (Vittoria Gassman, SCENT OF A WOMAN, QUINTET) has changed his name to Anthony M. Wilson and put his Sicilian background behind him to start a new life in London, as a ‘typically British’ owner of a chain of restaurants. For Anthony, life is perfect. He has a luxurious home, expensive cars and an English girlfriend, Vanessa (Madeleine Hinde, THE LAST VALLEY, BLOODSUCKERS), who divides her attentions between Anthony and her fiancé. But things are about to change with the arrival of a remote Sicilian relative, a provocatively attractive teenager called Lucia (Ornella Muti, FLASH GORDON, OSCAR) who presents Anthony with a letter from her uncle requesting that he looks after her and safeguard her virginity. This is no easy task, and in desperation, Anthony employs a detective agency to watch Lucia, only to be shown footage of her in bed with a young man. Relieved to discover that Lucia had resisted the man’s advances, Anthony goes home to find her in his bedroom. Challenged about the film footage, she reveals that the young man was not for her…the man for her is Anthony! Madcap comedy ROMP with international cast of wacky actors like Dudley Sutton (THE DEVILS, THE LEATHER BOYS, TV's LOVEJOY), Graham Stark (A DAY AT THE BEACH) , Lou Castel (MR. MEAN) and the goofy Adolfo Celi (THUNDERBALL). UNRATED fullframe


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