There Is No Escape From His Fury!

Even thieves live by a code. For the right amount of gold there is betrayal. But the price for betrayal is Vengeance... It was the biggest gold heist the West had ever seen, but it didn't go as the gang planned. Now one of the thieves is dead, torn limb from limb by a band of five desperadoes. His partner, Jokko, arrives too late; the murderers are gone, and on five pieces of bloodstained rope Jokko (Euro-cult icon Richard Harrison) swears revenge! Blazing a bloody trail, Jokko tracks the desperadoes and one by one returns each piece of rope to its owner, along with hot lead and a shallow grave. A fateful clue leads Rocco to the last murderer, a deadly surprise and the fight of his life. Outlandish villains to mean bad guys are featured in this classic violent western directed by Antonio Margheriti (aka Anthony M. Dawson) executive produced by Alfredo Leone (BARON BLOOD, LISA & THE DEVIL)

Brand New HiDef Transfer from 35mm vault element
Jokko Lives: Interview with Richard Harrison
Create Vengeance: Interview with Alfredo Leone
European trailer for Vengeance
Code Red trailer

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