Uncle Farts 70S Sleazy Picture Show Dvd


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He's a flagrant fatso, an illaudable uncle, and an all around piece of worthless excrement - He's Uncle Farts, the filthiest slob you've ever met! With his raunchy and rude nephew, Scooper, "the boy wonder," Uncle Farts will take you into a real, ol' fashioned shoe-box theatre - just like the kind on The Deuce - and together you'll be subjected to some of the wackiest, wildest, star-studded 8mm and 16mm loops you've never seen! But watch out, because Uncle Farts' and Scooper's loud and raucous comments have been known to get them into trouble with some of the less apathetic - and violent - theatre patrons. So grab your shades, your raincoat, and a concealable weapon, and relive the glory days of old 42nd street sleaze with no ones favorite uncle, Uncle Farts!

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