Student Sex Films Of The 1970S Dvd


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Hand eager '70's film students 100 bucks and a 16mm movie camera for the weekend, and you'd probably expect a load of pretentious, avante-garde rubbish to result, right? Au contraire, they'll go out and shoot a raunchy little porno! And two weeks later it just might premiere, sans red carpet, on shoebox cinema screens throughout the 42nd Street environs!

Dionysius (30 mins.)
Ecstasy; personal delivery from the daily world through physical or spiritual intoxication; initiation into secret rites. By Zeus, this ½ mortal, ½ deity party animal brings all that to the forest glade plus a bevy of naughty nubile nymphs who orgy like it's 2500 B.C.
Eggsistence (24 mins.)
There's bad news and good news for George's honey of a girlfriend this mundane Sunday morning: George is hung over (bad), but he's hung (good). She'll take the good news first...and boy, DOES SHE!

Sex Odyssey (44 mins.)
Three deliciously evolved Stone-Age beauties are caught between a rock and a hard place when a trio of erect cavemen come grunting their way. Wait until you see where that slow-roasting brisket cooking on a spit winds up!

Fur Affair (76 mins.)
After eavesdropping on a husband and wife having a.m. sex IN their bed, hot-bodied roommate Susan returns to her bedroom to have sex WITH her bed. So begins a delirious day of lesbian debauchery that involves Susan, the wife, and a blond bombshell.

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