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The nuttiest, wildest, most utterly insane science-fiction-time-travelling-rock-opera-eco-terrorist-action film Australia has ever produced, SONS OF STEEL is a no-holds-barred kick to the cerebral cortex. Once seen you’ll never be quite the same.

World famous hair metal impresario and eco-warrior Black Alice is imprisoned in a stasis hologram by the dictatorial leaders of OCEANA, the corporate entity that now rules what was once Australia. Trapped in endless slumber for eons until he is accidentally freed by two barbarian warriors who patrol a vast wasteland, Black Alice learns that the home he once knew was destroyed by an adrift nuclear sub that floated into Sydney Harbour. Determined to undo the sins of the past, Black Alice must travel back in time to stop evil scientist and corporate stooge Secta from destroying everything and everyone he holds dear! Lovingly restored from original film elements under the supervision of director Gary L. Keady and complemented by a host of additional extras, this rarely seen gem will knock your socks off, stuff them in your mouth and hog-tie you in front of your TV. There is no escape from SONS OF STEEL!

 EXCLUSIVE! Restored High Definition (1080p) presentation in OAR 1.85:1
Restored High Definition (1080p) 'Open Gate' presentation in 1.33:1
The Making Of Sons Of Steel - A warts and all look at every aspect of the making of SONS OF STEEL by the Father of Steel, Gary L. Keady
Access All Areas Featurette
Fighting For You original Music Video
Two Up - Parallel Worlds Music Video
Knightmare - Original short film that inspired SONS OF STEEL
MTV Does the Sons Of Steel Premiere hosted by VJ Alison Drower
Isolated Music track
SONS OF STEEL Destroys The Movie Show
Newly commissioned artwork by Dave 'LoopyDave' Dunstan

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