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Available for the first time in High Definition, Gregory Lamberson's 1989 cult hit Slime City and 2010 sequel, Slime City Massacre, dripping with gruesome extras! Slime City (1989) - In a run-down apartment building in NYC, a student stumbles across the remains of a cult and transforms into a murderous, slime-dripping monster! Slime City Massacre (2010) - When a greedy real estate tycoon sends mercenaries into a bombed out city to destroy the homeless, they stumble across the remains of a cult of hideous, oozing slime creatures, sparking an all-out war for control of Slime City.

Making Slime
Slime Heads
Slime City original trailer
Slime City Grindhouse Collection trailer
Slime City 2006 trailer
Return to Slime City
Three director commentaries
Slime City Massacre Trailer
Slime City Massacre Behind-the-scenes
Interview with composer Mars
Slime City Survivor (On Set Interviews)
Slime City Massacre Deleted Scenes

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