Scorpio Films: The Dutch Sex Wave Collection Blu-Ray Blu-Ray
Scorpio Films: The Dutch Sex Wave Collection Blu-Ray Blu-Ray


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The Dutch Sex Wave aka the Golden Age of Dutch cinema combined artistic freedom, sexual liberation, and exploitation with commercial success. Cult Epics presents four of frontrunner Scorpio Films most successful Dutch Sex Wave films, previously unreleased in the US: MY NIGHTS WITH SUSAN, SANDRA, OLGA & JULIE – the erotic four play; BLUE MOVIE – the most sensational taboo film of all time; FRANK & EVA – living apart together; and OBSESSIONS – Hitchcock, Scorsese and sex.

“The significance of Scorpio in those years was that Holland learned that Dutch films existed and were worth watching." - Paul Verhoeven

New HD Restorations and Transfers
Introductions and Interviews with filmmakers & producers
Scorpio short films – Heartbeat San Francisco (1966), Joop (1969), Joop Strikes Again (1970)
Scorpio Films – featurette (2018)
Up Front & Naked: Sex in Dutch Films – featurette (2017)
Eye Film Institute – featurette (2018)
Poster & Photo video galleries
Sylvia Kristel Poster video gallery (FRANK & EVA)
Interview with Martin Scorsese (OBSESSIONS)
Script notes by Martin Scorsese (OBSESSIONS)
Scorpio Films Theatrical Trailers
The first printing includes 16-Page Booklet “Scorpio Films & The Dutch Sex Wave” with an essay by journalist Guido Franken
New Slipcase art design by Gilles Vranckx

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