Scalps Blu-Ray


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Special Edition limited top 2000 units. "Relentlessly morbid" is the best way to describe SCALPS (1983), a gruesome tale of retribution from beyond the grave. Deemed too intense for civilized audiences, for years the film has either been heavily censored, or outright banned, in 99% of the world. The screen is drenched in despair by the constant, nagging, anxiety of isolation enveloping the characters in a deepening cloud of ever-impending horror and doom. Rarely since THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE has a film evoked such deep emotions in the viewer - an overwhelming sensation of dread that is not easily shaken off. Crudely, but effectively produced, SCALPS is presented here for the first time in 16x9 Wide Screen from a 2K HD scan of the 35mm negative with censored sequences restored from an analog tape source.

20 Minute Video Featurette with Fred Olen Ray, Chris Olen Ray, with actors Richard Hench and Frank McDonald
Original 35mm Trailer
New Commentary Track with Fred Olen Ray
Dustin Ferguson's fan-film SCALPS 2: THE RETURN OF DJ
footage from Stegg Dorr's unauthorized remake, BLOOD DESERT.