In this gripping docudrama, a group of scientists and their guides set out into the woods of the Pacific Northwest to find and capture a Sasquatch, better known as Bigfoot. As they go deeper into "Bigfoot country", they find what they are looking for...and wish they hadn't! Along the way, some of the stories and legends of the creature are told and dramatized before men and monster meet. Shot on location in and around the Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon.

Rod Serling (TV's Twilight Zone) phones in a shocking trilogy of UHF television level thrills! Two by air, one by sea! A spell curse hits 3 frat kids as a homicidal mother feels that they are responsible for her son's death, while the old lady that actually pulled the trigger is at home collecting her social security check. Innocent people are killed as the homicidal mother will stop at nothing to gain her twisted vengeance. Each frat boy meets with the most painful deaths that you will ever encounter in a family film. An inbred son's dog falls into the gates of hell only for his uncle/dad (standout performance by Robert Holton) to go down into the pit, which turns into heavy metal terror. If you want to see a true face of death, be careful not to look at his horrible face when he comes out of the hole! The last story is about a dead girl's ghost (Rosie Holotik, Don't Look In The Basement, Horror High) who hitches a ride only to urinate in the back seat of the unsuspecting friendly driver's car. All three terror stories are told and then also retold at the end for all those people who didn't get the punch line the first time around.

Starring Box Office champ Bill Thurman (Gator Bait), outrageous funny man Gene Ross (Here Comes The Judge fame), comedian Charlie Dell, Robert Ginnaven as the business class riding priest.

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