Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls (Limited Edition) Blu-Ray/cd


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REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD GIRLS - Uncut and remastered in HD!

In 1987, Parisian pornographers Pierre B. Reinhard and Jean-Claude Roy deviated from their usual high-end skin fare to instead create un cassoulet d'atrocityés that remains the most extreme French gore film in history. When a trio of vixens is killed by corporate-tainted milk, their nubile corpses will rise from the grave for a Jean-Rollin-meets-RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD orgy of depravity that DVD Drive-In calls "A fetishistic ode to blood, breasts and brutality."

Severin Films is très fier to present this long-unseen "grimy rhapsody of deviance" (Bleeding Skull), featuring graphic splatter by doomed FX master Benoît Lestang (THE WAX MAX, MARTYRS). Now remastered in HD and spurting with all-new Special Features.

Revisiting the Revenge - Interview with Special Effects Artist Benoit Lestang and Writer Jean-Claude Roy
The Revenge - Interview with Director Pierre B. Reinhard
Inside Studio Lestang - Interview with Special Effects Artist Benoît Lestang
Theatrical Trailer

With CD Soundtrack

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