When cops bust the leader of a motorcycle gang for pot it's time to exact revenge. Two members of the group follow the police sergeant home to find out where he lives, then call for the rest of the gang to meet them at his house. Breaking in through the window they quickly find the sergeant and his young wife having sex in the shower. They knock the sergeant unconscious and end up tying him to a chair overlooking his bed where his wife is also tied up. Taking turns raping his wife, the sergeant is useless to do anything but stare in disgust. Meanwhile in the other room one of the gang finds an 8mm porno film and projector. Watching the film with one of the female members of the group gets them in the mood for sex. Soon the biker boys have turned the whole house into a mad sexual free-for-all with debauchery going on in every room. A sick and perverted retro roughie from the sadistic 1970s. As an added extra this DVD contains bonus stag films that are sure to shock and titillate.

Bonus Retro Stag Films

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