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Catherine is a deeply troubled woman who picks up two female hitchhikers and then drugs them, tortures them, and subjects them to experiences that they will never be able to forget, that is, if they survive. Rape is a Circle has been out of print for a while, even though it was one of the director's best-selling movies. One of the reasons for that was because the movie was going to be completely re-filmed. Misty Mundae agreed to play the part of the demented character Catherine. The project was delayed. During that time, almost everything that could go wrong went wrong, and could not get back on track. The original movie was selling for as high as $700 on auction sites. Fans begged for a re-release. Finally, in 2023, the director examined the footage and decided to re-edit the movie for a director's cut. It is more artistic than the first version. Behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers have been unearthed. The director was reluctant to share bloopers in the past because he feared that this would reduce the tension a viewer felt during the rewatching of the movie. Fans, however, clamored for it, and the director consented.

Two Hours of behind-the-scenes

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