Puppet Master: Axis Termination Blu-Ray Blu-Ray
Puppet Master: Axis Termination Blu-Ray Blu-Ray


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Toulon’s immortal and deadly puppets return - witness the exciting action-packed conclusion and the final chapter to the Puppet Master Axis trilogy saga!

To stop the Third Reich and the Nazi war machine from winning World War II and affecting the outcome fo the free world, BLADE, JESTER, LEECH WOMAN, PINHEAD and the rest of the indestructible Toulon puppets join forces with the masters of psychic powers! Teaming up with Toulon’s bloodthirsty marionettes, these unlikely allies face off against a few pack of powerful Nazis and their own clan of malevolent puppets; WEREMACHT, BOMBSHELL and the unstoppable tank-like BLITZKRIEG.

It is good ‘Toulon’ puppet vs evil ‘Nazi’ puppet in the ultimate and final battle that will determine the fate of the entire world!

Director Spotlight: Charles Band
Monstercraft: Inside 1313FX
Actor's Spotlight: Jean Louise O'Sullivan
Things Actors Say
On Set with the Indiegogo Contributors
Full Moon Trailers

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