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Many countries have their own signature style when it comes to making genre films...and Hong Kong is no exception. "Category III" or "Cat III" films, (a ratings classification denoting a film's more extreme content) are unique films that push the boundaries of what is considered "acceptable content." Beyond just the more extreme content, what sets these genre films apart from others is that they are made with the support of major studios, star popular actors, and are more accepted by the mainstream public. Contained in this set are three great examples of the types of genre films Hong Kong has become known for. While not technically all "Cat III," they are excellent representations of the lines that Hong Kong genre films are willing to cross.

Legend has it, many years ago five evil spirits were trapped inside ornate jars and sealed in the mountains to protect humanity from destruction. However, when a power hungry ruler searching for treasure raids the secret chamber that houses these jars, he brings them home to his five wives along with the other riches he uncovers. Unaware of the power contained in these jars, things take an unexpected turn when the jars are accidentally opened and the ruler's five wives all become impregnated with evil fetuses hungry for human flesh. It is up to the palace's cook, his secret girlfriend, and a local Taoist priest to stop these man-eating babies before they escape and destroy the world.

Featuring an almost non-stop climax full of blood and mayhem, THE DEMON'S BABY is a high energy horror film with a style and humor similar to Sam Raimi's best work. This Hong Kong splatter-fest is a must see for genre fans who think they have seen it all.

Sexually frustrated due to his wife's medical condition, Yep finds himself preoccupied with dreaming about erotic encounters with beautiful women. Thanks to a chance encounter, Yep meets a modern-day sorcerer who promises to give him erotic dreams beyond his wildest imagination. Yep can't help but take up the man's intriguing proposition and at first is very "satisfied" with the arrangement. However, Yep soon discovers that these dreams come with a price and he must find a way to free himself of the sorcerer's spell before it's too late.

Appropriately titled, EROTIC NIGHTMARE is a Hong Kong shocker that is both equal parts sexploitation film as it is a horrific morality tale. Featuring an excellent performance by Hong Kong legend Anthony Wong (Ebola Syndrome), EROTIC NIGHTMARE is sure to arouse the interests of any genre fan.

A group of friends take a boat to a remote island to campout and party for a few days. After arriving on the island, they soon discover that the people they were there to meet, seem to have gone missing. What's even more concerning is that the group of friends stumble across another group of campers who are also on the island to look for their missing friends, too. After learning that the island is riddled with deadly traps, things take an even more extreme turn for the campers, when they find themselves being stalked and killed by a bandaged maniac wielding a chainsaw.

Unfairly labeled by many as "the Hong Kong Friday the 13th," THE DEADLY CAMP (1999) is a true to life slasher film made with a Hong Kong flare. While borrowing heavily from many popular American horror films, THE DEADLY CAMP (1999) still manages to stand on its own, thanks in part to a cast of young Hong Kong actors that ultimately leads to a hefty bodycount and surprise ending.

2-disc Region Free Blu-ray Set
Newly scanned & restored in 2K from their original negatives
EROTIC NIGHTMARE commentary track with film historian and author Samm Deighan
THE DEADLY CAMP commentary track with The Hysteria Continues!
“Anthony Wong: The CATIII King” - a video essay by film historians Samm Deighan and Charles Perks
“The Demon’s Baby” - a video essay by author & critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
40-page perfect bound book with essays by Bruce Holecheck, Erica Shultz and an interview with actor Anthony Wong by Arnaud Lanuque
Reversible sleeve artwork
Newly translated English subtitles and SDH subtitles


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