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When some badly dubbed bad guys rob a shipment of gold from a railroad company, Mike Sturges (Steve Reeves of Hercules fame) and his brother are framed for the crime. Thrown into the hellish Yuma State Prison, the brothers are to work hard labor. The is so intense that Mike’s brother ends up dead, nailed to a cross! Mike escapes from prison and goes after the bad guys who framed him, and to also settle the score against the prison guard (Nello Pazzafini) who was responsible for his brother’s death. It’s hot times in Yumatowntonight! The wild west will never be the same as muscles vs. psitols in theis action-packed spaghetti western! Co-starring matinee idol Wayde Preston, Rosalba Neri, and TOP 40 sensation Aldo Sambrell. A Long Ride From Hell, a classic European western, finally comes out in a deluxe edition with a brand new Hi-Def master!

On Camera Interview With The Outlandish Mimmo Palmara
Featurette: At Home With Steve Reeves!
Theatrical Trailer
Brand new 2k scan from the original inter negatives


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