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This release uses "The Creator's Cut" -see Lieutenant Jangles smoke cigarettes like never before with re-mastered, re-edited and new special effects feature film according to the creator's true intent. Also includes load of never before seen footage and features.

It’s the mid 1980’s in the most crime ridden city of Australia. Only one man keeps the scales of justice even. Cowboy Detective, Lieutenant Jangles. After his partner is killed in a blazing shootout, Jangles goes on an explosive and blood soaked mission to avenge his death. His quest for vengeance unintentionally makes him the enemy of a mysterious new crime boss, who has been quietly taking over Brisbane City. When their paths finally cross, one thing is made clear, this town isn’t big enough for the both of them.

EXCLUSIVE! "The Creator's Cut" -see Lieutenant Jangles smoke cigarettes like never before with re-mastered, re-edited and new special effects feature film according to the creator's true intent
“The Day One Boys”
Commentary track with Nic Champeaux (writer/director) Daniel Cordery (editor/vfx artist/dop) Matt Dickie (lieutenant jangles) Greg Kelly (anti-pig) Andrew Dickens (sound department/dickens) Scott Marrinan (original casting choice for wheels)
"International Boys”
Fan commentary with co-creators Nic Champeaux & Daniel Cordery with special guests Nathan Ludwig (founder of GenreBlast film festival, where Jangles had its world premiere in 2018) Chad Farmer (lead festival programmer GenreBlast film festival) John Hale (filmmaker and Jangles fan)
"Lieutenant Jangles The Whole Bloody Story" Making-of documentary
Deleted/Extended Scenes
Anti-Pig and Hans Screwing Around (00:29)
Anti-Pig Muppet Babies (00:19)
Car Conversation En Route to Shootout (00:45)
Chief Fisted (00:41)
Kill Bill Style Alternate Opening Scene (00:40)
Mark Talking to His Dad During the Final Warehouse Fight (01:33)
Police BBQ Mugby Tackling Game (00:43)
Poop Roll (00:33)
Blooper reel
Behind-the-scenes b-roll montage
Hidden Gems – Random goodness from the production of ‘Lieutenant Jangles’
Australian X-Men (00:33)
Matt Singing (02:16)
Mexican Bar Supercut (01:14)
Anti-Pig Video Game (xx:xx)
VFX Breakdown (08:30)
Photo Gallery (xx:xx)
Documentary Stories – Some more yarns from behind-the-scenes
Concaine Cowboys (01:13)
CORN (02:09)
Creek Thing Origins (02:11)
Deano Spaghetti Origins (02:31)
Jangles Character Backstory (01:57)
Number 1 Favourites (04:49)
Sequel Ideas (02:54)
Smoking On Set (00:45)
Story Time (05:53)
The Misadventures of Morgan (04:59)
-2012 concept trailer (04:26)
-2018 official trailer (02:22)
-2012 "Creek Thing" trailer (02:37)


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