Kill The Scream Queen Dvd


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A deranged man lures girls with a promise to make them famous. After they are tied up he reveals that this really is a snuff film. They are helpless to fend off the degradation that awaits them. This is the only version that is director-approved. It features never-before-seen footage in a much creepier edit. A must-have for fans of Bill Zebub's early work. This is the first of Bill Zebub's sex-horrors to include a behind-the-scenes chapter in which you see the girls out of character, breaking the illusion of their humiliation and suffering. You also see the director taking his first baby-steps into the style that he would eventually become his specialty. Also included is a candid chat with the owner of ROUGH PICTURES, and secrets of this movie, and the industry, are revealed in the always-entertaining manner of a Bill Zebub interview.

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