Imitation Girl / Nina Forever Blu-Ray


Imitation Girl

When an alien takes the form of an adult film star, both must learn to cope with the complexities of being human in this mesmerizing film festival favorite. Lauren Ashley Carter plays the dual role of Julianna and the alien.

Nina Forever

After his girlfriend Nina dies in a car crash, Rob unsuccessfully attempts suicide. As he begins to overcome his grief, he falls in love with a co-worker, Holly. Their relationship is complicated when Nina, unable to find rest in the afterlife, comes back to life to sarcastically torment them whenever they have sex.



Audio Commentary with writer/director Natasha Kermani moderated by Dread Presents’ Rob Galluzzo

IMITATION GIRLS (The original short film!)

2 Deleted Scenes

Frightfest TV interviews



Behind The Scenes: A Look Behind NINA FOREVER

Deleted Scenes: Things That Are Not There

2 Early Short Films "Crowd Scene For Existentialists" and "Free Speech"