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Two Country & Western singers and their manager are en route to the Nashville Jamboree but become tired and stop to rest in an abandoned mansion. Little do they know, but the basement of the old house is headquarters for the evil Madame Wong and her entourage of foreign spies. Strange things begin to happen almost immediately and they suspect the place is haunted. However, our three heroes decide to spend the night anyway to escape an upcoming storm. Soon, (a song or two later) they settle down to get some shut-eye. But during the night the spies kidnap our female singer. Now things really get exciting as the hillbillys help capture the bad guys and foil a diabolical plan to steal a secret formula for rocket propellant. Now they're off to Nashville, not very rested, but happy and content to participate in the more normal pleasures of entertaining the audience of the giant Nashville Jamboree.

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