Grindhouse Hotties: Rene Bond Roughie Triple Feature Dvd


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Included on this triple-feature "found in the trash, but don't call it garbage" deluxe DVD edition are three Rene Bond rarities from the early 1970s, the kind of films that pious porn hounds used to enjoy in the dubious privacy of their neighborhood storefront cinema. What they lack in polish and professionalism they more than make up for in hot, grainy, 16 mm sex, the kind that once caused many a raincoat to rise and fall in ecstasy. So sit back, loosen your belt, and prepare yourself for a triple dose of the rapturous Rene.

Rendezvous in Hell (1971)
A crime drama concerning a gang of hold-up artists and the ever-ready gun molls who attend to their pleasure. At least, that's what the film pretends to be. In reality, it's a grainy little one-day-wonder whose greatest redeeming aesthetic value is the presence of a young Rene Bond, all bobble-headed and bedroom-eyed.

The Partnership (1972)
Two proto-yuppies are at odds with one another over a business deal. Since Bill apparently screwed Charlie out of money, Charlie decides to screw Bill's wife instead (not that she objects). Meanwhile, Charlie's prim secretary, Miss Tucker, is too uptight to get it on with Bill's saucy house pet Brigit (the ever audacious Rene Bond), so Brigit agrees to vent her lust with the mansion's majordomo (Ric Lutze).

The Heist (1971)
A fresh, young Rene Bond in the role of "Goldie," a hooker with a heart of gold. After she finishes balling Joey, two hoodlums - Sam and Charlie - burst into the room and complain to Joe about some missing moola. "Big Mike ain't gonna like this," they tell him. Agreeing that he better ante up or sleep with the fishes. Striking out in his efforts to pay back his debt, Joey finally figures he can score a few grand by cranking out - what else? - a porno film!

Bonus Trailers
Color booklet with Liner notes
Color Rene Bond mini-poster

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