Hear all the sizzling-hot secrets that young beauties share with each other behind closed doors. In this trilogy of confessions, erotic 'girl talk' is the focus of several seductive and sensual stories meant only for the ears of their sexy BF's and confidants! What girls talk about when they are alone will shock you! HOTTIE CASTING Listen to everything that aspiring starlets are willing to do to get into the movies. Our special cameras take you behind the scenes and into the dressing rooms to witness everything that these beautiful and busty babes are willing to say and do! SECRET SEDUCTIONS Three gorgeous females share their stories, only to discover that what they thought were only dreams, may be forbidden nocturnal experiments performed by alien beings! Keep one ear open as the girls share and discuss their 'sexual encounters of the third kind'. CYBER SEXY Watch as a band of five lovely young women journey through their unscripted true story to begin and maintain their own erotic website. A film crew followed them from inception to launch and caught on tape all their steamy exploits! Listen in, these ladies are NO angels!

Original Vintage Surrender Cinema Trailers

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