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Umbrella presents the definitive Dune Collection consisting of both Dune (2000) and Children of Dune (2003) miniseries and over 5hours of special features across 4 discs

Guaranteed to inspire awe in the most diehard fan of Dune; this very special set includes

4 Blu-ray discs

Exclusive custom designed 750+ brick Facing Shai-Hulud Dune brick set (designed by Jeffy-O) - build your own sandworm using GoBricks! Dimensions 25cm x 11cm x 14cm (*compatible with other leading brick brands)

Over 160 page hardback book featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes and more

Custom artwork plinth rigid case by Shannon Trottman

8 replica lobby cards

A3 reversible poster

Frank Herbert's Dune Complete Collection is a comprehensive collection of Frank Herbert's 'Dune Chronicles' that begins with the landmark science fiction epic DUNE, a stunningly realised four-and-a-half hour miniseries produced by the Sci-Fi Channel, and continues with the spectacular follow up CHILDREN OF DUNE, which combines the second and third books from the series. Featuring a stellar cast worthy of such an epic saga, these award-winning productions are landmark in their vision and scope and remain two of the highest rating sci-fi programs in history. Now including two bonus discs of extensive behind-the-scenes content and interviews with the cast and crew, Frank Herbert's Dune Complete Collection is the definitive tome of the Atreides family legacy and of the spice-world Arrakis.

Making Of Dune (61:53)
Making Of Children Of Dune (13:22)
Children Of Dune Storyboard With Audio Commentary (6:05)
Children Of Dune Visual Effects (3:28)
Cast & Crew Interviews William Hurt (7:57)
Vittorio Storaro (8:26)
John Harrison (20:21)
Alec Newman (11:59)
Julie Cox (8:01)
Saskia Reeves (5:16)
Barbora Kodetova (5:46)
Matt Keeslar (2:52)
Ernest Farino (9:06)
Richard P. Rubinstein (10:03)
Mitchell Galin (9:12)
Miljen Kreka Kljakovic (4:37)
Production Behind-The-Scenes Filming First Unit (9.32)
Filming Second Unit (4.02)
Vittorio Storaro Behind The Camera (3.17)
Camera And Motion Control (1.30)
Translights (1.35)
John Harrison On Directing (6.09)
Set. Stage Preparation (1.44)
Models (2.02)
Costume And Props Department (2.12)
Makeup (4.13)
Studio Set (5.10)
"Graeme Revell Reveals" Featurette (5:12)
"Frank Herbert's Dune: The Lure Of Spice" Documentary (25:44)
"Science Fiction, Science Future" Panel Discussion (28:29)
"Will Mcnelley On Frank Herbert's Dune" Featurette (12:20)
"Defining The Messiah" Featurette (13:08)
"Vittorio Storaro: The Color Wheel" Featurette (12:41)
"Walking And Talking With John Harrison" Featurette (11:15)
The Secret's Of Frank Herbert's Dune (80:00)
Introduction Cast & Characters
Production Design
Costume Design Special
Mechanical & Visual Effects


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