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There is an international race to obtain blueprints of a MIG-25 “Foxbat” Soviet fighter plane which has landed in Japan. An undercover U.S. spy Saxon (Henry Silva, JOHNNY COOL, TRAPPED) has managed to take photos of the jet plans with a camera hidden in his left eyeball and now must get the microfilm back to his country. There are competing representatives from many countries trying to do the same thing to, and at one point there is even a super-secret auction of the plans. The KGB is not taking this situation sitting down, and agents are dispatched to destroy the plans and anyone who has them. The search and destroy mission action moves from Tokyo to Hong Kong, as the US agent attempts to contact a man who can arrange for the proper delivery of the microfilm. Inspired by a true story, this action-adventure thriller was talk of Cannes festival in 1977 as it has a very high budget for a independent Hong Kong film. Vonetta McGee (EIGER SANCTION), Rik Van Nutter (THUNDERBALL) and Roy Chiao (GAME OF DEATH) co-stars. Directed by Po-Chih Leong (CABIN BY THE LAKE)!

Audio commentary with director/writer Po-Chih Leong
Brand New transfer from 35mm IP
Deleted scene

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