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A psychological journey based on the latest craze - extreme haunts! Allison is an emotionally troubled young woman who believes that confronting her past trauma might be a means of exercising her demons. She signs up for a trip to Perdition, an exclusive haunt that promises absolute, unadulterated terror, but the most frightening thing on display will prove to be Allison's own twisted psyche.

Extreme Talk: An Interview with Anthony DiBlasi (28:00)
Behind The Scenes (7:26)
Tribute to Simon Sayce (4:50)
Deleted Scenes (5:00)
Extreme Haunts: Behind The Scenes (2:00) (Featuring Nick Principe, Tiffany Shepis, Ricky Dean Logan, Snow Mercy, Kristina Klebe, Adam Gierasch)
‘Fatal Bleeding’ Short Film by Jack Rabe aka Rebecca Swan
Fatal Bleeding Selects 1 (Featuring Jeffrey Reddick)
Fatal Bleeding Selects 2 (Featuring Felissa Rose, Michael St. Michaels, September D'Angelo)
Extremity Official Trailer
Haunters: The Art Of The Scare Trailer

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