The Erotic Adventures Of Three Musketeers Dvd


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Their exploits made them famous...but these conquests made them legends! Adult cinema's hottest stars - including Nina Hartley, Deirdre Holland, Britt Morgan, Madison, Francesca and Ron Jeremy - all come forth in a raunchy re-telling of Dumas' classic tale of lusty ladies, randy rogues and screwed scoundrels. Traci Winn (of ANALS OF HISTORY and SATURDAY NIGHT BEAVER fame) stars as a beautiful young maiden who is determined to become the fourth musketeer, even if it means taking on every sword in the kingdom. She may duel like a man, but can she love like a woman? Who is behind the dastardly plot to defile the Queen's scrumptious jewels? And on a mission fraught with peril, what pleasures will our heroes taste along the way? Jonathan Morgan, Nick East, Marc Wallice, Chi Chi LaRue, Steve Drake, Jon Dough and Robert Sacchi co-star in this bawdy softcore romp from Norman Apstein (a.k.a. award-winning XXX filmmaker Paul Norman), the director of INTERCOURSE WITH THE VAMPIRE and EDWARD PENISHANDS.

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