Following a nuclear holocaust, Alaska is turned into a desert ruled by a cruel tyrant. This sci-fi post-nuke actioner chronicles the attempts of rebels to usurp the tyrant and free up water and other resources for others. Essentially, this is another wild knockoff of the “Mad Max” films. One man named Slade (Martial Arts great Richard Norton; Force Five, Gymkata) leads the revolution to battle the army of villains using a special gun called the EQUALIZER! Penthouse hottie Corinne Alphen (Spring Break), William Steis (Demon Of Paradise), Fred Bailey (GAS-S-S-S) and Robert Patrick (T2) star. Directed by Post-Nuke director Cirio H. Santiago(DESTROYER, DUNE WARRIORS, WHEELS OF FIRE).

Original director's cut from original 35mm negatives
On camera interview with Fred Bailey
Theatrical trailer

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