Cut-Throats Nine / Joshua DVD


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A band of cutthroat chain gang prisoners are chained together and on the loose as they play cat and mouse with each other in this violent and gritty Spanish thriller. Greed and Gold is the name of the game in this 1972 box office flop that eventually gained a cult following. Distributor Seafirm Kalalexis picked up the film several years later and re-shot some gory violence as a gimmick to bring in the audiences on 42nd Street. Another crazy gimmick they implemented was by distributing actual cardboard masks to theaters to be given out to the paying audience to wear so that they could avoid watching any of the violent scenes! The gimmick was a faliure to say the least but thanks to today's youthful audiences the film has now gained a cult following thanks to Kalalexis' added scenes. Code Red and Seafirm Kalalexis are proud to bring you for the first time the gory classic in its first authorized DVD release in the USA!


Also included as a 2nd feature is JOSHUA with Fred Williamson. A band of dirty outlaws kidnap a rancher's young wife and kill the maid. Little did they know that the maid was Joshua's (Williamson) mother. Now the vengeance-filled rancher orders Joshua to find the outlaws and kill them one by one.