After surviving a terrifying car wreck that killed her best friend, Mi-ju, a brilliant cellist, longs for a peaceful and stble life as a music teacher at a local college. But when horrifying memories of the accident begin to surface, her tranquil life quickly becomes a nightmare. A supernatural evil seeks revenge against her and her family, and until she knows the reason why, no one is safe.

Directed with a sure hand by Woo-Cheol Lee, this complex and suspenseful Korean horror thriller tells the story of Mi-ju, a virtuoso cellist who survives a brutal car accident and decides to spend more time with her family, becoming a music teacher. But just when her life seems to be in order, a series of eerie and alarming events--involving her mute daughter, a creepy new housekeeper, and a dangerously obsessed former student--makes it clear that all is not well.

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