Please note that the theatrical cut of the film has an audio synch film for the entire second half. Because the theatrical cut is included as a “bonus” the disc is not going to be replaced or repressed and is sold as is. The Extended Director’s Cut is not affected by the audio problem and is the superior version of the film

Something strange is happening is the small town of Sleepy Rock, but no one can put their finger on it.Sleepy Rock was a place you might find in a fairy tale until one day, the nightmare is unleashed. It dissolves friendships, families, anything else alive. And there’s no stopping it. Once Sleepy Rock was a loving and religious town, now it’s a town out of control. The only solution.Kill! Anyone who could be The Carrier .One touch and you’re gone! Director of Photography by Peter Deming ( Evil Dead 2 ), Music by Joseph DeLuca ( Evil Dead, Army Of Darkness ) and sound mix and monster’s scream by actor Bruce Campbell ( Army Of Darkness ).

Now see THE CARRIER first time in widescreen, as well as see the directors cut

Contains both the longer directors cut (108min) as well as the original theatrical cut (99min) both presented in HD (Please note that the Theatrical Cut has an audio synch problem)
Audio Commentary with director Nathan J. White, moderated by Scott Spiegel (EVIL DEAD 2 writer & HOSTEL producer)
Original Theatrical Trailer
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