Before there was South Park, there was Trey Parker's macabre musical comedy masterpiece Cannibal the Musical! Based on the legend of Colorado Cannibal Alferd Packer, Cannibal the Musical tells Packer's version of what really happened when he and a group of gold diggers embarked on their fateful trip into the Rocky Mountains. Gruesomely gory, savagely satirical and painfully funny, Cannibal the Musical, which also stars South Park s co-creator Matt Stone, stands as a predecessor to what would come next for Parker and Stone, and features several in-jokes that would become part of the South Park legacy! Cannibal the Musical has become a worldwide cult sensation to rival The Rocky Horror Picture Show, inspiring stage revivals and sing-along screenings all over the world!

This 2-Disc Special Anniversary Edition contains over an hour of new, in depth interviews with Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Jason McHugh, two full-length commentary tracks including the infamous 'Inebriated' commentary track, never-before-seen deleted scenes, production stills, and much more!

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