From the terminally odd, psychedelic and erotic mind of exploitation king Jesus "Jess" Franco comes BLUE RITA - a rare attempt to combine the adult and spy genres into arguably the most weirdest and strangest spy movie ever made! This lurid sex shocker concerns Blue Rita (Marianne Flety), an exotic dancer and gentleman's club owner who secretly works undercover as a Communist spy. In the basement of the nightclub, Rita and her band of strippers seduce and sexually torture wealthy, important VIP's using a number of effective but unspeakably bizarre methods at her disposal to acquire important and vital information. Now an avowed lesbian, Rita seeks her revenge against men who sexually tortured her as a child. However, Interpol begins closely observing what goes on within the club and the ulterior motives that its proprietors and Blue Rita have in mind. Welcome to the sexual pleasures and pains that BLUE RITA has to offer!

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