Beyond The Door Blu-Ray

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Jessica Barret lives a blissful life in San Francisco. With two kids, a record executive husband and a baby on the way, life is pretty full. But when she finds out that her new baby belongs to the Prince of Darkness, she becomes a demonically possessed beast. Her ex-boyfriend, Dimitri, a satan worshipper, must sacrifice her child in order to renew his own twisted existence.

Brand New HD scan
Reversible cover featuring the original movie poster
New interview with actor Gabriele Lavia
Beyond the Door: 35 Years Later - Featuring interviews with actors Juliet Mills, Richard Johnson, Alex Rebar and Ovidio G. Assonitis
An Englishman in Italy - an interview with actor Richard Johnson
Audio commentary with star Juliet Mills moderated by film historian Darren Gross
Audio commentary with director Ovidio G Assonitis moderated by Nathaniel Thompson
Theatrical Trailer