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They're more like us than you think! A tribute to the spirit and humanity of people who are physically different from the average: very tall and very large men and women, a bearded woman and her long-time husband, Siamese twins joined at the midsection, and several little people including actor Billy Barty (Foul Play, Willow, Legend, Under the Rainbow). Jay Scott of Toronto Globe and Mail called Being Different, Harry Rasky s finest film and that assessment includes Homage to Chagall, for which he received an Oscar nomination. This one-of-a-kind documentary was narrated by acting legend Christopher Plummer (Highpoint, Beginners). Being Different has warmth and humor and is almost miraculously devoid of voyeurism and sensationalism... if a work of art is something which nourishes our spirit and alters our perception, then Being Different is a work of art. As such, it is a very important film. Maureen Petersen, Montreal Gazette

Brand New 2016 HD Master From the Original Vault Elements
Interview with Producer Robert D. Kline

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