Androgynym Dvd


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Nym is a young man who works for a criminal organization. He moves packages and collects money as part of his responsibilities and he also hurts or threatens people who get into trouble with the business. One of the perks of his position is access to prostitutes, for which Nym indulges every evening. After one of his jobs goes wrong, leaving the younger brother of a rival crime boss named Carlos dead, Nym's boss, Lou, is assassinated and Nym is forced to fee town and go into hiding. Once in this new town, Asheville NC, Nym is forced to deal with his sex addiction. Unable to make the human connection necessary to engage in the sexual intercourse that he needs compounded with his new life crisis, Nym cuts his penis off and dresses himself up as the very object of his desire - a woman. Nym decides to kill himself until a chance encounter with a young man, John, diverts his interest. As Nym and John grow closer and closer, Carlos and his men close in on him until his old life comes crashing into his new world and Nym is forced to see and deal with the consequences of the man he once was.

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