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When Doug (Danny Bonaduce) ventures out on a road trip, he packs his home video camera expecting to film his adventures. Unexpectedly, he runs into three criminals led by Dryer (Mick Wynhoff) who abduct the vacationer and force him to turn his lens on their atrocious blood-spilling exploits. Will Doug remain a victim, or will he succumb to the madness and lose himself in the murderous mayhem?

Terror Vision is proud to release America’s Deadliest Home Video, one of the most underappreciated SOV films ever made. Director Jack Perez (Some Guy Who Kills People) delivers an outrageous thrill ride restored from master tapes and presented here in two different versions, along with new and existing special features telling the unbelievable tale. Long overdue and ready for rediscovery, America’s Deadliest Home Video is ready to terrorize like never before!

New Commentary w/ Jack Perez
Making Of Documentary
Lost & Found
Mo Firepower
Bonus Set Stories (Another Making Of)
2023 Trailer for America's Deadliest Home Video
Staring At The Dark (Short Film)
Pre-Release Trailer from 1991
Stills Gallery
Newly Created Captions
Archival Commentary

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