Pro Ball Cheerleaders Grindhouse Triple Feature Dvd


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After Hours Cinema is proud to present the Pro-Ball Cheerleaders Grindhouse Triple Feature - over three sweaty hours of classic grindhouse exploitation.

Lisa DeLeeuw, Candida Royalle and Jennifer West head up the naughtiest, bustiest cheerleader squad west of the Mississippi. They know how to shake their pom-poms to get a rise out of the crowd, but they get a bigger rise out of the players who go deep on them every time. From cheering and jumping along the sidelines to flat-on-their back screaming in the locker room, these cheerleaders know how to take one for the team...over and over and over again. Every football team can use tight ends like these!

OUI GIRLS (1981)
Rivals the big screen's classic tales of intrigue and mystery, then goes one better with some of the most breathtaking women ever to light up the explicit silver screen...and the hottest sex to burn it down. When Nick and Barbara head out to investigate insurance fraud and murder on a swinging ranch, they uncover suspects who switch stories quicker than they swap partners. Tension runs high as the women take it deep, and it all comes to a dramatic conclusion - and sweaty climax! - with a wet 'n' wild orgy between all the swinging couples. Oui Girls - all they know is yes...yes...YES!!

Three frolicsome roommates, tired of the way men have been "using" them, decide to take matters into their own hands. Diane makes an agreement with Lynn and Alice, and together they embark upon a mind-bending, tongue-probing odyssey of sexual discovery.

After Hours Cinema "Grind It" function which allows for continuous play of all feature films, promos and trailers
All 3 films are new digital transfers from 35mm film elements
Three Shades of Flesh is seeing its first ever release on DVD

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