Nasty Habits: The Nunsploitation Collection Blu-Ray Blu-Ray
Nasty Habits: The Nunsploitation Collection Blu-Ray Blu-Ray


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Throughout the '70s, Italian filmmakers fired a canon of blasphemy to launch what remains the most controversial genre of all. Partake of its unholy sacrament with these four uncut/uncensored Nunsploitation classics:

In Sergio Bergonzelli's CRISTIANA DEVIL NUN (1972), a born-again nymphomaniac finds pleasures of the flesh in a convent of the damned.

Suzy Kendall and Eleonora Giorgi star in Domenico Paolella's historically accurate and wholly amoral STORY OF A CLOISTERED NUN (1973).

Sleaze maestro Joe D'Amato combines Sapphic lust, Satanic panic and pure filth for IMAGES IN A CONVENT (1979).

And with THE TRUE STORY OF THE NUN OF MONZA (1980), director Bruno Mattei fulfills ungodly vows of graphic sacrilege.

CRISTIANA DEVIL NUN (92 mins/2.35:1/English Mono/Closed Captions)
Extended Italian Cut Of The Film With Optional Partial English Audio
Sisters Of Vice And Virtue: The Marquis de Sade And Nunsploitation - Video Essay By Lindsay Hallam

STORY OF A CLOISTERED NUN (98 mins/1.85:1/English Mono/Closed Caption /Italian Mono /English Subtitles)
Interview With Actress Martine Brochard
Interview With Actress Eleonora Giorgi
Interview With Camera Operator Daniele Nannuzzi

IMAGES IN A CONVENT (103 mins/1.85:1/Italian Mono/English Subtitles)
Audio Commentary With Kat Ellinger, Author Of Daughters Of Darkness
25 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary By Kat Ellinger

THE TRUE STORY OF THE NUN OF MONZA (93 mins/1.85:1/Italian Mono/English Subtitles)
Interview With Screenwriter Claudio Fragasso
Interview With Actress Zora Kerova

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