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Few filmmakers were as bold, daring and bizarre as Walt Davis, the enigmatic auteur behind some of the wildest films to come out of Hollywood.

In EVIL COME, EVIL GO (1972), traveling Evangelist preacher, Sister Sarah Jane (Cleo O'Hara), is hellbent on ridding the world of evil, sex-obsessed men. Taking to the streets of Los Angeles, she quickly befriends a gullible young woman and the two embark on a mad, mad killing spree.

Cleo O'Hara returns in OH! YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL (1974), an almost surreal blend of madcap improvisation and low-rent thrills as over-the-hill film starlet Gaye Ramon lounges around her cluttered Hollywood home, conning innocent men into taking her acting courses. Meanwhile, a con-artist photographer manipulates beautiful hippies into revealing poses.

Finally, featuring an all-star cast, among them John Holmes and Sandy Dempsey, as well as gore effects straight out of H.G. Lewis' playbook, WIDOW BLUE (1970) is a demented masterpiece, which is coming to home video fully uncut for the very first time!

Vinegar Syndrome presents all three of these mind-numbing classics newly transferred and restored in 2K from their original negatives.

Scanned and restored in 2k
Video Interview with Producer Bob Chinn
Theatrical Trailers for EVIL COME, EVIL GO and OH! YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL
Outtake footage from WIDOW BLUE

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