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Obscure vintage store-front "Double Feature" includes The Raunchy Realtor / The Outlaws are Cumming and Turn Me 'Round, introduced by Grindhouse Personality 42nd Street Pete!

In the late '60s, early '70s in Times Square, sleazy operators created mini cinemas out of unrentable store fronts, lofts, and offices. Programs varied, but you would get one or two features and some short films or loops. Thisy-here Snatch Shot program is quite like it would have been back in the day: a non-stop barrage of raw raunch that would captivate the viewer for a couple of hours. So now on with the show...

Our Snatch Shot main feature turns out to be two unknown films stapled together by some long-ago projectionist. We'll call them The Raunchy Realtor and The Outlaws are Cumming. In The Raunchy Realtor, Mandy is a movie actress shopping topless, naturally, for a home. The studly realtor Tom shows her the house, but it's the bathroom that turns her on. She takes her girlfriend to check out her new digs and to check out Tom. In The Outlaws are Cumming, a shoot-out leads to a live sex show in a saloon as a rowdy saloon girl puts on a sex show for the gang with a cock-slinging cowboy. Cowboy Johnny gets his longhorn worked on by a cute farm girl with a killer bod. Nothing like a western "69" in a hay loft. In Turn Me 'Round, Mr. Grant is a weird, frizzy haired guy that is very wealthy. He spends a lot of money on broads, but he also has a twisted, kinky side. Grant has a hidden dungeon where his sadistic persona comes out. In his own words he has a string of mistresses from San Diego to San Francisco!

Intros by Grindhouse Personality 42nd Street Pete
Bonus Short Room Service
Liner Notes by 42nd Street Pete

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