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A teenage athlete named Stanley (Greg Calpakis, TV''s COLD SQUAD) is a waterboy for a high school basketball team. Stanley wants to make the team, but the coach (TV funnyman Fred Travalena) rejects him as a worthless player and sends him away. Soon afterwards, the basketball team members are being killed off one-by-one by a psychopath wearing a maniacally smiling basketball over his head. Is Stanley the deadly dribbler with the basketball head looking for revenge, or could it be some other hoop-dream wannabe? Horror & comedy mix in this lost film directed by Jack Bravman who also made the horror cult-classic ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE (oh my!) Code Red is proud to have unearthed a print of this very rare unreleased film, recently found in a vault in Montreal. Never released anywhere in the world, NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER will finally be unleashed on humanity!

Audio Commentary by star Fred Travalena and HOSTEL producer Scott Spiegel, moderated by Marc Edward Hueck
On-camera Interview with star George Thomas
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