When a lab accident leaves high school student Barney Springboro (Scott Baio, TV s Happy Days and Charles in Charge) with telekinetic powers, it s a comic free-for-all in Zapped! Encouraged by his friend, the hormonally minded Peyton Nichols (Willie Aames, TV s Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge) to put his powers to good use, Barney exacts revenge on school bullies, cheats a little at sports and improves his luck with the girls, culminating in a prom scene reminiscent of Carrie ... with laughs. Zapped! co-stars Heather Thomas (TV s The Fall Guy) as Jane, the cold-as-ice high school beauty; Felice Schachter (TV s The Facts of Life) as Bernadette, feminist class president, nerd and the girl of Barney s dreams; and Robert Mandan (TV s Soap) as high school principal Walter J. Coolidge.

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