You Can't Rent Here Anymore DVD


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"Smarter and funnier than High Fidelity! Rivals Clerks! A cult blast! The kind of stuff real midnight movies are made of." – Lloyd Kaufman. President of TROMA Entertainment Creator of the Toxic Avenger You Can’t Rent Here Anymore aka The Thomas Video Movie is Detroit cult movie director Ryan Meade’s third feature film. Filmed almost entirely at Thomas Video, You Can’t Rent Here Anymore is a rude and obnoxious Clerks-like comedy that turns into a goofy horror film when a customer returns a snuff-film by mistake (instead of what he rented) and then comes back to get his property. The film features Jeff Sanguis, front-man for the band, Telegraph; Chris Dinnan, known for his roles in such local film favorites as Zeitgeist; The Chris Brown, owner of Comics & More in Madison Heights; Jim Olenski (also producer of the film), co-owner of Thomas Video and guitarist in Detroit punk band Cinecyde (the film’s soundtrack includes Cinecyde songs from over three decades); and introduces Logan Dimitrie to the screen as “The New Guy.”