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From Erwin C. Dietrich, the man who made his name breaking sexy dames out of prison, comes THE WOMEN OF INFERNO ISLAND (aka CAGED WOMEN, WOMEN'S PENITENTIARY, ISLAND WOMEN and a half dozen other lurid titles), a delirious, erotic and action-packed exploitation romp designed to please chain-gang-bangin' chicks and chaps everywhere.

Set in scenic Ibiza, Spain, THE WOMEN OF INFERNO ISLAND sees smokin' hot Eurocult legend Brigitte Lahaie (SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS, FASCINATION) as an unlucky prostitute who is kidnapped and taken to a remote hellhole prison lorded over by a stern, leather-clad, she-wolf warden (Karine Gambier from Jess Franco's VOODOO PASSION). There she and a pack of other abducted international hookers are stripped, tortured, assaulted and humiliated while also enjoying the odd after-hours tumble with one of the many manly guards. Eventually, the ladies wise up, pine for their previous pay-for-play lives and hatch a plan to make a break for it...

Less unsavory then many of its women-in-prison ilk, THE WOMEN OF INFERNO ISLAND benefits - like all Dietrich productions - from a respectable budget, gorgeous locations, lush music by Walter Baumgartner, a top-flight cast that also includes Eric Falk (THE MAD FOXES), France Lomay and Nadine Pascal (both from SWEDISH GAS PUMP GIRLS) and tons of exposed female (and male) flesh.

Full Moon is stoked to present THE WOMEN OF INFERNO ISLAND in a totally uncut, digitally remastered transfer culled from Dietrich's own 35mm negative. Don't drop the soap!

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