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Pam Grier (Jackie Brown) joins a group of sexy, young female prisoners in their struggle against a sadistic warden in Big Doll House. This shockingly real film is perhaps one of the most influential of all women-in-prison films! Also starring Judy Brown, Roberta Collins (Death Race 2000) and Sid Haig (House Of 1,000 Corpses). Directed by Jack Hill (Spider Baby, Foxy Brown).

Innocent Carol Jeffries (Jennifer Gan, Naked Angels) is framed by her drug-dealing boyfriend and ends up in a tough prison in the Philippines jungle in Women In Cages. She must face off against the sadistic warden, Alabama (Grier), who takes great pleasure in alternately seducing and torturing her prisoners. Also starring Judy Brown and Roberta Collins. Directed by Gerry De Leon (Mad Doctor Of Blood Island).

Inside the hellish women’s prison called The Big Bird Cage, inmates like Terry (Anitra Ford, The Price Is Right) struggles to survive. They get their chance to escape when scheming revolutionary Blossom (Pam Grier) engineers a prison break . . . from the outside in. Also starring Carol Speed (Abby). Directed by Jack Hill.

Big Doll House
Audio commentary with Director, Jack Hill
Leonard Maltin interviews Roger Corman
From Manila With Love – new documentary on the making of Big Doll House and The Big Bird Cage featuring interviews with Director Jack Hill, Screenwriter, James Gordon White, Actors, Sid Haig, Judy Brown, Anitra Ford, Roberta Collins, Candice Roman and Teda Bracci, and Producers, Roger Corman and Jane Schaffer
Trailer, TV spot and radio spot

Women In Cages
Trailer and TV spot

The Big Bird Cage
Audio commentary with Director, Jack Hill
Trailer and TV spot

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