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Hick hipster Bud Eagle (Arch Hall Jr.) arrives in L.A. just in time to stumble onto a TV talent show where he and his WILD GUITAR become an immediate sensation. He's quickly signed by Mike McCauley, "the biggest manager in Hollywood," who promptly cheats, cons, and exploits the kid until Bud wises up and fights back...

Playing the cigar-chomping baddie is Archie's real-life daddy, Arch Hall Sr. ("William Watters"), who also produced (as "Nicholas Merriwether") and distributed the film under his Fairway International banner. Making his directorial debut is cult fave Ray Dennis Steckler (The Incredibly Strange Creatures ) who does double-duty (under his acting pseudonym, "Cash Flagg") by playing MCauley's creepy henchman, Steak. A fun, off-kilter rock-'n'-roll mini-epic, WILD GUITAR also boasts a surreal beach party ending and a surprise cameo by the mummies from Eegah !

Plus: Five car-stripping psychos are THE CHOPPERS, teenage boys who reduce unattended autos to rubble and sell the parts to greedy salvage king Big Moose (Bruno Vesota). But the cops are quickly closing in, especially after an insurance investigator discovers a significant clue to the gang's identity: a chicken feather...Starring Arch hall Jr. as "Cruiser," a rich kid gone bad, and produced by Hall Sr., THE CHOPPERS was the first of their quirky father-and-son film collaborations. It also features the lovely charms of glamorous Marianne Gaba, Playboy's "Miss September 1959"!

Over One Hour Of Special Features!
Digitally Remastered!
Original Theatrical Trailers!
Teens-Go-Wild Theatrical Trailers for: The Beatniks, Married Too Young, Rat Fink, Teenage Zombies, Wild Love andWild Ones On Wheels !
Anti-Choppers Police Science Short Subject #3: Hot Car !
Gallery of Trash-O-Rama Exploitation Art with Radio-Spot Rarities!
Total Running Time: Over 3 1/2 Hours of Music and Madness!


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