Whoopie Boys Blu-Ray

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New York street peddling isn t all it s cracked up to be, which explains why Jake Bateman (Michael O Keefe, Caddyshack) and Barney Benar (Paul Rodriguez, Born in East L.A.) head for the warmer climes of Palm Beach in search of quick cash, girls, and fun. Cupid s arrow strikes when Jake meets the girl of his dreams, the beautiful Olivia (Lucinda Jenney, Rain Man). Olivia is a socialite with problems of her own. If within 30 days she's unable to find a suitable husband - someone cultured and well bred - she will lose her inheritance along with the orphanage she operates to a real estate developer, the snide Strobe (Stephen Davies, The Razor s Edge) who just happens to be her ex-boyfriend. With pressure from both the still infatuated Strobe as well as her uncle, Olivia s options are running out. Could a crash course in manners and etiquette turn Jake into suitable husband material? Joining a rag-tag bunch of potential sophisticates at a charm school run by one Henrietta Phelps (Carole Shelley, The Odd Couple) might just be, well, the charm. And so begins the madcap merriment in the farcical The Whoopee Boys.