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From creator and producer P.J. Starks (Close Calls, 10/31, Cryptids) comes the five original tales of terror in a brand new special edition re-release. Monsters, ghosts, demons, masked psychopaths run rampant in what Bloody-Disgusting hails as, "the Twilight Zone in modern times!" Starring Jason Crowe (Space Babes from Outer Space), Kristine Renee Farley (Kill, Granny, Kill), Roni Jonah (Hi-8), Kevin Roach (Harvest Lake), Jim O'Rear (Don't Look In The Basement 2, Teen Wolf) and more in the indie anthology that spawned a blood soaked cinematic universe HorrorHound Magazine raves as, "a low-budget love affair to spooky stories and Halloween antics."

Making of VOB featurette
Music Video
The Preylude short film
Cast/Crew Commentary
Bloodbath and Beyond Review
Not Just Another Horror Anthology
The Splatter Effect Featurette
Radios spots, interviews and more!
Single Layer Blu-ray Disc (25GB)
Region Free (Factory Pressed/NOT BD-R)
Unrated/Color/16:9 Widescreen/96 Mins

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